British Martial Arts & Boxing Association - A martial arts governing body representing martial arts instructors, clubs and students in more than 250 disciplines and styles.


Aikido UK - A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to teaching the Japanese martial art of aikidō, founded by William Andrew Sensei, and currently led by Edward Dunne Sensei, offering classes in Barrhead, Glasgow, Airdrie, and Bellahouston.

Long Island Aikikai - Founded in 1964 by Edward Hagihara, 8th Dan Shihan, the Long Island Aikikai is one of the oldest martial art schools in the USA.

Senshin Dojo - An aikido dojo / club in the city centre of Glasgow (Scotland). The club offers aikido classes from 11 yrs to adult.


Dojo Show - A free collaborative resource hub for helping martial art schools grow.

Nine Circles - Suppliers of quality Japanese budo equipment.

MeTooAikido - #MeTooAikido was created to bring awareness to all aikido practitioners about sexual harassment and sexual assault.