Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers that might help you get started or decide if aikidō is for you.

What should I wear to my first class?

Generally clothes that are easy to move around in but cover your knees, e.g., tracksuit and t-shirt or similar exercise-wear.  If you have previously trained in a martial art and still have training clothes they're fine too!  It's worth trying a few classes before investing in aikidō-specific clothing.

I have a medical condition, what do I need to know about my practice?

You should consult with your GP to make sure you are allowed to do physical activities that will involve rolling and controlled falling to the ground.  Please also let the instructor know of your condition so that they may make whatever adjustments that will be necessary for you to safely practice.  Above all it's important to train at a sustainable pace and look after your health.

How often should I train?

You can train as often or as little as you like.  The teaching syllabus that Sanchin Aikido UK follow has clear prerequisites for each grading examination and meeting these is necessary to advance in rank.  The syllabus specifies minimum recommended practice time between ranks but no maximum.  All students should feel free to train at a pace that suits them.

Do I need to sit grading examinations/belt tests?

The teaching syllabus and associated grades/ranks are a useful measuring stick to track progress, but not a requirement to enjoy your training or learn.  There is no pressure to advance through the grades.  If you choose to do so, however, the process is the same regardless of grade: all pre-requisites will be clearly explained in advance and you will be asked to perform a selection of these during a short demonstration at an agreed date.

Is aikidō good for self-defence/fighting?

In order to be good at something you must train specifically for that goal or objective.  The training on offer at Sanchin Aikido UK does not involve any competitive pressure-testing or sparring and so would be unsuited to learning how to fight.

Self-defence is a complex topic that involves many other aspects that fall outside the scope of the teaching syllabus, not least of all having an understanding of legal concerns.  It is recommended that for these goals students look to more specialised training.

Do I need to pay even if I'm not training?

No, you are not bound by contract.  Please suspend or cancel your monthly subscription if you need to take an extended break from training.  You can resume your membership as soon as you're able to return to training.

If circumstances or any technical issue prevent you from cancelling, please speak to us so we can help and/or issue a refund.

Are there any other fees to pay?

No, there are no hidden fees.  The monthly membership fee is the only payment required to train with the study group.

Sanchin Aikido UK do not charge any additional mandatory fees for other purposes related to training with the group, for example to sit grading examinations or belt tests, and you are not required to purchase any equipment from the group.

The only other costs you might incur could be from optional attendance at any events (like seminars or special extended classes) that may be arranged from time-to-time beyond the scope of normal weekly classes.  Any such special events would have their costs clearly articulated in advance.

Do you offer children's classes?

No, unfortunately not.  Membership of the study group is open to persons aged 18 or over only.

Can I have a discount on membership?

Yes, discounted membership rates apply if you buy monthly membership in blocks of 3, 6, or 12 months.