Where & When?

The study group currently trains every Sunday at Barrhead Foundry, with an instructor-led class running from 1:00pm - 2:00pm.

Teaching duties will be shared among the group members, but there will always be at least one fully insured instructor present at every class. The plan is to encourage everyone to build their own toolbox of skills, and this includes the ability to step into an instructor or coaching role if it is of interest.

Classes run through-out the year, with exceptions for major public holidays, please always check the home page or Facebook for any announcements.

What & Why?

TL;DR - Aikidō! It's fun! :-)

There are a lot of benefits to training martial arts. Aikidō is a Japanese martial art, founded by Morihei Ueshiba, with a rich breadth of aspects for students to explore and is primarily derived from another Japanese martial art called Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu. The way most people train, regular practice in aikidō will lend itself particularly to improving body usage including things like; co-ordination, flexibility, balance, stamina, and timing. Sanchin Aikido UK aims to look at training from a variety of different perspectives, and in keeping with the concept of "sanchin" (Japanese for "three battles") the group follows a broad teaching syllabus to enable students to see aikidō as a way to improve through training to unify the mind, body, and spirit.

Training involves learning solo body movements, along with working with partners to develop technique, and learning how to fall safely (also called "ukemi" - which is just the Japanese word for how to receive/escape from a technique).

Etiquette and a mindful way of doing things is something that helps to add a certain amount of structure and a little formality to training but it's not something that should be seen as an obstacle for anyone. Everything will be explained clearly, just the same as any technique or physical exercise. The main guiding principle for members is that everyone should be treated fairly, with mutual respect, and that all training activities are conducted with reciprocal consent in a manner that is safe for all participants. This is a goal that transcends any form of etiquette.

Equipment & Fees?

You don't need anything special to start training, just wear comfortable sports or gym clothing.

After a while you may want to purchase a "keikogi" (Japanese for training clothes) and optionally a "hakama" (a stylised pair of pleated trousers). For walking between the changing room and the hall, you may wish to bring a pair of sandals. Training takes place bare-foot on floor mats, and wearing sandals when not on the training mat keeps feet clean, which in turn keeps the mats clean! The floor mats are an important piece of safety equipment and keeping them clean and in good order is necessary.

From time to time training also includes using some wooden practice weapons: "bokken" (a wooden sword), "jo" (a wooden staff), and "tanto" (a wooden knife), but these are not necessary to purchase until later when you have developed an interest in those types of training exercise.

The cost of hiring the training space and arranging adequate insurance cover requires that the group charge fees. Sanchin Aikido UK is committed to being transparent about all fees and costs met by the group, and all monies raised are always used for the sole purpose of supporting the study group as a whole.

Guests are charged £5 per class. If you have insurance cover from another source (e.g. membership to another association) please bring proof of this with you.

If you join our group you will be registered as a student member of the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association and you may also choose to join Aikido UK.

Membership of the study group is £20 per month, which includes one class per week and automatic registration as a student with the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (and insurance under the BMABA group student liability cover). You are free to start or stop your membership as you choose.

Optionally you may also choose to register with Aikido UK for an additional £22 per year, which opens up the opportunity to attend a range of extra classes. To take full advantage of this, and attend any number of additional weekly classes at Aikido UK venues, you may choose to pay an additional £15 per month (i.e. monthly fees become £35 total for that month).

Aikido UK members who are already paying for unlimited monthly classes do not incur any additional fees to attend the study group.

We hope all of this is clear, but if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch - the group welcomes any opportunity to provide clarification.