Terms of Sale

Purpose of Policy

This set of terms is not intended to be punitive towards existing or potential study group members.  Sanchin Aikido UK is a small community-led martial arts group that operates in a not-for-profit manner, and it does not have the resources to absorb monetary losses that may result from additional fees levied by PayPal or other payment services which are not returned to the group should a refund be issued to an individual.

Therefor the study group asks that all members and prospective members take responsibility to ensure they understand what they are paying for and satisfy themselves prior to their purchase that they are happy to spend their money.

Please read the details on this page and raise any queries or concerns with the group before making a purchase.

Products and/or Services Offered

Sanchin Aikido UK does not sell physical goods or products, only membership to the study group which grants permission to attend any classes run on behalf of the study group or by one of the partnering instructors.

For purposes of clarity the only product offered on a generally available basis is the membership to the study group for individuals over the age of 18, and is limited to access to attend any classes that are scheduled during the course of the membership.  No guarantees are made around the provision of a specific number of classes nor are any guarantees provided for the quality, content, nature, or duration of any instruction received.

Membership of the study group is dependant on the individual member(s) adhering to the study group rules and the study group reserves the right to refuse membership to any person(s) who demonstrate an unwillingness to follow those rules or otherwise spoil the fun for group members.

From time to time the study group may also offer members the opportunity to purchase attendance at specific (optional) event(s) and terms of sale for these will be shared along with the details of those event(s) at the time of publication.

Similarly, from time to time the study group may facilitate the purchase of equipment from Nine Circles Ltd (the group's preferred equipment supplier) on behalf of members but it should be made clear that the study group does not maintain a stock of items and any items purchased on behalf of members are provided "at cost" directly related to the purchase price from Nine Circles Ltd.

This service (ordering equipment on behalf of members) is provided for convenience and cost-saving purposes (members save on postage by acting collectively and occasionally benefit from a discount provided by Nine Circles Ltd should the volume of purchases reach a threshold solely set at their discretion).  Sanchin Aikido UK shall not be held liable for any defects or discrepancies alleged to exist in the equipment procured through this mechanism but will support members in liaising with Nine Circles Ltd to resolve any disputes to an extent that is reasonably practical.

Validity of Membership Period(s)

All purchases of membership apply to the calendar month during which they are made, and in the case of block purchases will apply starting during the calendar month and ending a set number of months later as described within the block name (e.g., 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month blocks).

This means that, for example, a single monthly membership payment received in July applies for the calendar month of July regardless of which day of the month the payment is received.  Similarly, if a 3 month block is purchased in July it will apply for the calendar months of July, August, and September.

This policy is in place to keep the tracking of membership fees simple, and is explained here for the avoidance of any doubt.

All Sales Are Final

By purchasing a membership to the Sanchin Aikido UK study group, you accept that all sales are final and refunds are at the sole discretion of the study group facilitator(s).

Please consider before your purchase if you can afford the costs and that you are happy you will have the opportunity to attend enough classes for you to feel that you have received value for money.  Similarly, please ensure you understand how the membership validity period is calculated and ask for any clarification prior to purchase as needed.

This policy is not intended to infringe upon your statutory consumer rights under UK law, or to punish any person who has found themselves the victim of financial hardship, and any relevant extenuating circumstances (e.g., injury, death, bereavement, loss of employment, etc) will be considered should you wish to request a refund.


Visitors who are already a member of one of the martial arts clubs or organisations that Sanchin Aikido UK partner with are not required to purchase a study group membership, but please understand that study group members will be given priority over visitors should training space become a limiting factor as a result of a large class size.  In such a circumstance, Sanchin Aikido UK will make best endeavours to accommodate all visitors and/or certainly to keep them advised of any restrictions needed.

Visitors from other clubs, organisations, or dojo should contact the study group in advance of attendance to arrange training.

Partnering Instructors & Clubs

Sanchin Aikido UK currently partner with the following instructors and clubs to share training opportunities (i.e., members who are in good standing at these clubs are welcome to train at study group classes with any additional fees, and vice versa):


As a private members club Sanchin Aikido UK reserves the right to deny entry to any event, class, or study group session it runs, or refuse membership, to any person for the purposes of promoting a safe, friendly, and comfortable training environment for all study group members and approved visitors.  Participation in all activities under the supervision of a Sanchin Aikido UK instructor are at the sole discretion of the supervising instructor.