Documents & Policies

Sanchin Aikido UK endeavour to operate in a transparent and accountable manner, and as such will publish useful documents and policies on this page, allowing members and prospective members visibility of the way the group operates, and providing useful information to help alongside training.

As a member of the study group, if you are unable to access any of the documents on this page (or want to request a copy of documents not published here), please speak to Graeme who will be happy to send a copy along to you.

Sanchin Aikido UK Key Facts

Sanchin Aikido UK Key Facts v1.2.pdf

COVID-19 Exit Strategy & Policy (ESCP)

Exit Strategy and Covid-19 Policy v1.0.pdf

Complaints Policy

Sanchin Aikido UK Complaints Policy v1.0.pdf

Safeguarding Statement

Sanchin Aikido UK Safeguarding Statement v1.0.pdf

Club Rules

Sanchin Aikido UK Club Rules v1.0.pdf

New Member Application Form

Sanchin Aikido UK New Member Registration v1.0.pdf

Online Training Safety Guidance

Sanchin Aikido UK Online Training Safety Briefing v1.pdf

Club Charter & Mission Statement

Sanchin Aikido UK Club Charter v1.0.pdf